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Our School


In 2002 Mr.K.Thirumalai & Mrs.T.Anbarasi Thirumalai founded Oxford school in a rental house with only 67 Students. At the time both founders were actively involved with every aspect of school life from painting classrooms to registering admissions. Now it has grown its capacity of 2000 students by almighty’s immeasurable blessings.

The Principal, the Correspondent, the Headmistress, the A.H.M., the Administrative officers and a group of committed teachers take at most care in planning and executing academic and extracurricular activities.

Our school has minority Educational institution status granted by the National Minority Commission for Educational institutions. It is a God’s divine gift.

We, at Oxford believe that developing a sense of community & a social conscience lie at the very heart of education. Quality education is a fundamental right of every child. All children will receive the respect, encouragement and opportunities they need to build the knowledge, skills & attitudes to be successful.

Our aim is to mould children into wholesome personalities through an equal emphasis on Academics, Fine Arts, Sports, & other extracurricular activities. Not only are their inborn talents identified at a young age, they are encouraged to blossom under our care.

Public speaking is introduced to the students as early as K G through presentations given at the daily assembly. Their speaking skills & self confidence are further enhanced through training for various competitions, external Exams, & debates. Well planned facilities set apart for the physical wellbeing of the students. Classrooms are spaciously designed to seat 25 students only. Our Education philosophy - “Character shapes career”

Infuses traditional values to a progressive approach, by instilling a passion for learning through kindling curiosity maximizing innate talents.

We propagate our philosophy of change with our diction. “ Future is now” to grow beyond the average, going the extra mile & striving to become winners. At oxford, we transform the students into highly motivated management professionals through our campus learning experiences of activity oriented skills and leadership development.

The focus of oxford is in the holistic development of a management student by developing qualities of questioning, reflecting and understanding.

Building self - Confidence

Every child can learn. Every student possesses a unique capacity of intelligence, abilities & talents, which needs to be identified and nurtured. Here our students can learn in different ways and we cater to different learning styles through student.

Nurturing a passion for Excellence

We build character by imparting value based education built around the core values of quality, equality and integrity.

Laying foundation for life

We prepare students to become well - balanced, compassionate young students, ready to meet the challenges in an every - changing world.

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”

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